Creative Equipment Financing, Leasing

There are alternatives for your small business when the bank says no. You can work with a lease broker who can find alternative funding sources for your next equipment purchase.

Do not give up the hope of getting that new truck or machinery your business so desperately needs. By contacting a lease broker you could actually come out ahead in the long run instead of tying up the extra capital that the bank wants in order to finance your needed equipment purchase.

If you have had credit issues in the past, your bank may not even want to risk lending to you at this moment, but that doesn’t mean you need to put your business expansion on hold. You could lease the gear that you business needs with very little down, instead of the 20 percent or more that your bank wants you to invest.

Here are some of the benefits of Equipment Leasing:

Leasing improves your company s cash flow. There is no need for significant cash outlays, as opposed to purchasing, which generally requires a large down payment.
It does not have any impact on your individual credit lines.
Profits and growth are improved through leasing. Businesses choose not to invest in that what becomes obsolete and will improve your balance sheet.
Reduces long term debt.
The payments are considered operating expenses and are 100 percent tax deductible in most businesses.

Creative financing is available through using leasing for your business instead of financing through a bank or other financial institution, because lower payments can be arranged during the early months of the lease.

You need to seek out a broker who was structured to handle small to mid-sized leases, which make up the major portion of a $270 billion industry. An estimated 8 out of 10 businesses lease their apparatus to improve cash flow.

The broker s niche is the small to mid-sized business, looking for leases of $100,000 and less. The smaller market has consistently been under serviced by leasing companies. Their commitment to the small and mid-sized lease customer is reinforced by the rock-solid belief that nothing less than the best will do in any transaction.

If it is used for your business, almost anything can be leased. Here are some of the industries where the tools of the trade can be leased for use in the operation of the business:

Phone Systems, Computers, Office Items, Video Cameras, Photographic , Medical Appliances, Dental Equipage, Chiropractic Needs, Office Furniture, Restaurant Kitchen Appliances, Scientific Apparatus, Yellow Iron, Manufacturing Facilities, Air Conditioning , Welding Items, Shelving & Display Cases, TV Studio Items, Outdoor/Indoor Signs, Dry Cleaning Machinery, Refrigeration and Heating Fork Lift Trucks, Farm Machinery, Hoists, Cranes, Tow Trucks, Autos, Industrial Machinery, Communications Appliances, Water Purification , Recycling , Lighting , Hotel Facilities, Theater Projection Devices, Environmental Material, Chemical Handling, Cement Mixers, Woodworking , Forestry , Television & Home Theater Electronics, Power Plant Materials, Saw Mill , And The List Goes On…

So, if your bank has turned you down, do not fret, you can still get the equipment you need. You might even get much better terms since your deal can be shopped among many lease funding sources that will compete to do business with you and your company. You could be better off in the long run, and thank your bank for telling you no.